Miriam Gerberg  composer, performer, ethnomusicologist and founder of Mirjanou Music Company has over 30 years of professional experience performing certain world musics, composing and providing musical services in the theater, dance and non-profit musical community as well as for music educators. She has extensive academic and professional credentials and is the recipient of many grants and fellowships for her work.

For her performing groups, look under World Music Ensembles in the left menu bar.

Mirjanou Music Company offers a Royalty-free Music CD Library of Incidental and Background Music for use in theater, a Royalty-free Music CD for accompanying a traditional dance class, recordings of works written for dance, scores of original music theater works and scores for instrumental and vocal ensembles of all sizes.

We also provide a variety of custom music services such as arrangements, transcriptions, transpositions and original compositions targeted towards your specific needs.


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