Catalog of Available Musical Works

Catalog of Available Instrumental and Vocal Scores

by Miriam Gerberg

for ensembles of all sizes!


 Fasl Taiseer: Suite for Oud & Strings 1994 work for solo Ôud and chamber string orchestra. Also available for oud and string quartet.

Ruchot Mizrachiot (Easterly Spirit/Winds) 1988, orchestral suite for chamber   orchestra in three movements: Yemenite Dance, Little Ladder of Gold and the King and Adio, based on melodies from Yemenite Jewish songs and Sephardic romanceros

 Elektra 1987, for string orchestra, Also available for String Quintet.


North Side Anthem: Ode to Patrick Henry 1996 for band incorporating multiethnic styles (Thai, African-America, Irish, Caribbean)

Chamber Instrumental Works:

    Solo Piano:

Customs 1999, 14 movement piano suite

Road to Roen 1998, piano score

Minouha 1991, piano solo

Tango II 1986, piano solo

Red Shoe Rag 1985,piano solo.

Elektra 1982, piano solo

Mimes 1977, piano suite in three movements

Duets to Octets:

Sam in Twos 1995 duet for cello and soprano sax, improvisational elements

Hip Hop Hanukah! 1995 octet hip arrangement of traditional Hanukah songs

Little Ladder of Gold 1988 trio for flute, bassoon and guitar, based on a Sephardic tune

In The Night Softly 1987, nocturne for mixed quintet (flute, oboe, viola, cello, harp) & electronic tape. Also arranged for woodwind quintet

Nio: Naraen Kongo 1986 duet for vibraphone and electronic tape

Red Shoe Rag 1985, Two versions: seven- piece vaudeville band (clarinet, violin, trumpet, trombone, piano, bass and trap set) and Double Woodwind quintet

 Tango I 1984, Five piece vaudeville band (clarinet, violin, piano, bass, and trap set)

Improvisational Group Works:

B Muse 1993 instrumental structured improvisational work, mixing melodic materials from various world musical cultures

Babel 1992 improvisational work based on the idea of inability to communicate as a  cause for ethnic strife, and using melodies from a variety of world cultures

Carpathian Nights 1991, work based on melodies from Macedonia, Croatia and Russia using improvisational techniques

Taksim Ahava Rabah 1990, improvisational work for solo or duo

Tala Benison 1990, structured improvisation for 1-6 instruments, mixed tuning

Fragments of a Yemenite Tune 1988 aleatorical instrumental work based on a Yemenite -Jewish melody

World Instrumental Ensembles:

Zankulah Saz Semaisi 2003 classical Arab/Turkish ensemble work

Longa Nahawand  (2001) classical Arabic taht (chamber ensemble) work

Saba Central  (2001) alleatorical solo qanun piece

Sama’i Huseyni  (2000) classical Arabic taht ensemble

Kotoledon 1990, duet for two Japanese kotos

Lancaran Sederhana 1997 work for small Javanese gamelan ensemble

 Chamber Choir/Vocal Works Choirs:

 Ladrang Lital pelog barang 1997 unaccompanied chamber ensemble (SSATTBB) work based on Javanese gamelan musical structures, forms and mode

Hadiqah 1995, vocal ensemble (SSAA) work based on a Moroccan Jewish song with improvisational sections

 If Fear Is Like a Hard Rock 1992, 2 part choral setting of poem by 11th Century Spanish Jewish poet Shem Tov ben Paquera

Dream Quartet 1985, unaccompanied vocal quartet using extended vocal techniques, text by David Brunet

Vocal Solos with Instruments:

The Alhambra Decree 1992, Musical setting of the Spanish Expulsion Edict of 1492 for singers, narrator, guitar & percussion

Days of Awe 1988, staged imagistic work using texts & melodies from the Jewish High     Holy Day tradition, for four female vocalists, horn and drone

Shechina 1987, trio for soprano, oboe and piano. Premiered in St Paul (MN)

Mickey’s Diner 1985, operatic trio with piano (mezzo-soprano, baritone and bass), text by Marilyn Seven

Gerta & Berta Discuss Baseball One Morning At Breakfast 1985, duo for two sopranos and piano, with text by Leslie Brody

 Oh Hopeless Man 1985, solo for bass and piano, with text by George Sand

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